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About us

We are PT Sumber Teknik, importer at Batam/Singapore. have been supplying any Ebike and Ebike parts product, collaborating closely with various manufacturers and building our own, in-house assembled Ebike, Battery Packs, since 2011 (we’ve also built a few batteries for BEV Cars, BEV Tracked Vehicles, eScooters and a high performance BEV Motorcycle, and any Ebike product). We operate out of a small, but well equipped manufacturing facility, with various test equipment, and CNC Machines that are used in our battery pack manufacturing.


but besides that, we also import direct units of e bikes or similar products from China, and several other producing countries, rebranding or selling products according to the same product.
We export ebike products throughout the country, especially to Indonesia.
All products will be shipped directly from Singapore.
but available for transactions and purchases directly on land. order through the website, then our products drop and place it in the warehouse in Batam, buyers can immediately come to our store in Batam.


Please check the various reviews that we have received at various places, our products have been widely spread. on the search engine of your choice, where I believe you must find many impartial reviews and feedback about our products and services. Ebikecheap the best solution for shopping for bicycles or electric motorcycles, our prices are definitely the best.
We are importers of electric bicycles and electric motorbikes serving sales and shipping throughout the world,
We also sell small and large parties. (we export with large quantity)
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